Health Solutions

We are all, more than ever, aware of the need to reduce our intakes of ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat. The issue for manufacturers is the loss of flavour and taste to any recipe that has reductions in these ingredients. R S Flavour Ingredients has recognised the issues manufacturers face each time they re-formulate with less salt, fat or sugar.

Over the last few years we have perfected our health solution flavours and ingredients and you can be confident in using any of our ingredient solutions and flavouring products. Our focus has been to eliminate lack of taste and flavour and protect your products standing in the market place plus brand protection with your customers.

Our products, which include sugar replacers / sugar reducers, salt substitutes/salt reducers and salt replacers plus fat replacers and fat reducers will all help to maintain the high quality of flavour and taste in your products despite any reduction in salt, fat or sugar. Click on any of the following natural flavour and ingredient solutions for further information.